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Downloading and unpacking

Download analog from http://www.analog.cx/download.html

Unpack the Analog source code via the following commands:-

gunzip analog-6.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf analog-6.0.tar

Then move the whole analog directory to where you would like it located, maybe /usr/local/ so enter something like mv analog-6.0 /usr/local/

Then, cd into the relevant directory, ie. cd /usr/local/analog-6.0 and edit the anlghead.h to edit some default values. Most operational parameters can be put in a config file, so you only really need to set the hostname etc.

Compile analog by typing make

If all is well, an analog binary should be placed in the /usr/local/analog-6.0 directory. You now need to edit the relevant configuration files before you can run analog to analyse your apache logs.

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